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Mission, aims, tasks of college

Mission of college

Our  college   prepare   capable  students  of  quality  competitive  professionals  develop  suitable   trends  of modern  society,  economy, manufacture,  based  on  the  practice   of  teaching.


Aims  of college:

  • To take  needs   of the individual  students  and  give  quality  education  for  secondary vocational  education; 
  • In  our  college  gives  education  training  for  future  specialists   of  secondary  vocational  education;
  • There  students   research  in the  field  of  education   and  students  know methods   of  teaching.


Tasks of  college:

  • To expand  list areas  of  training  middle  managers, taking into  account  the  interests  of  the  students  develop student’s  prospects  spheres of  economy  and  social.
  • To improve  the  quality   of  training  and  provide  the level  of  professional  competence,  competitive, professional experts  based  on the model of  advanced  education. In  according  requirement  to the  labor  market  educational  standards. 
  • To  form   the  traits  of  students  personality  to implement  individual  autonomy  in market  relations, on the  basis  of intelligence, information  for  secondary vocational  education, as well as  training   general  scientific  and  general  professional.
  • To provide  quality  growth  of  teaching  staff and  strengthening   material  and technical  base, as  a  basis  for the preparation  to  highly   qualified  personnel  information  of the educational  system.

Our address

Kokshetau city, 228 Kaptsevich street;

  • Phone: 8(7162) 32-62-34, 32-61-67  
  • Fax:  8(7162) 32-62-34, 32-61-67


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